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Indonesia is the national and official language in the country. And " the language of official communication, most Indonesian learned spoken in schools and on television . Speaking today at least two or more languages, Indonesian and local languages, to Indonesia has more than 300 regional languages.

Bahasa Indonesia is spoken in the language of the base and the discomfort of the Riau Islands, as written in the 19th century. Century was the lingua franca discomfort during the former Dutch East Indies , the language spoken in the shops. The Malay language is preferred by the younger Nationalist Democratic on the Java language, though Javanese is more demanding and is spoken at the time of most of the population is Javanese feudal , because there are different language levels depends on the condition and status of the person speaking. Trusting in the promise of youth in 1928 promised the land of Indonesia, a country where a language is spoken: Bahasa Indonesia.